It’s not what you achieve. It’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.

If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. We are so contagious with our killer make-that-happen-at-any-cost attitude that you will start behaving and acting like us soon after you join us. It will be great stay here with us. We hope eMithilaHaat will be a milestone in your career.

What’s it like to work at eMithilaHaat?

Read what our team has to say about their stay and work at eMithilaHaat. You can see the enthusiasm and killer instinct in their words.


Anand Baranwal

eMithilaHaat has given me a first-hand experience of working at a startup. A lot of on-ground learning came when I met Ankit and Gurmeet. We were working on a project where we conducted unique and exclusive workshops at corporates to spread awareness about Mithila Art. I learnt prospecting, cold-calling and cold-emailing, following-up, persuading with creativity and a lot more. It was a great learning experience from Ankit and the available support system.

Anand Baranwal Business Development


Ashish Mahaur

I had the opportunity to work as an intern for this organization that promotes ethnic art and beauty of India. Not only it expanded my knowledge base but also connected me with the highly motivated team involved in the organization. This was my first online based virtual internship, so working time flexibility made it very feasible.

Ashish Mahaur Web & Social Media


Aditi Mishra

It has been over 2 years and it has turned out to be way more in terms of experience. In the course of my work, I researched about my own land and took a deep dive in the culture. I got to understand the life and struggles of the artisans who definitely need organisations like eMithilaHaat. We are professional, for sure, but work is fun and not a burden. Every blog post and its creation brought us all closer to this culture and each other. We learned anecdotes, facts, realities. It has been a walk I am going to remember forever.

Aditi Mishra Content Creator


Pranay Khare

It was my first internship ever. At emithilahaat I was guided by Ankit sir all through the process. I was provided with necessary material so that I can learn from it and improve my writing skills. I found this internship moreover an experience that will help me in many aspects of my life in coming days personally and professionally.

Pranay Khare Content Writing

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